Rapid South Indian Seafood Delights: 10 Fish Recipes Ready in Just 1 Minute
By True Scoop

Instant Masala Mackerel: Mackerel with South Indian masalas, cooked in a minute.

Speedy Coconut Curry Snapper: Snapper fish in a quick coconut curry infusion.

Express Fish Varuval: Traditional fish varuval with a speedy South Indian twist.

Quick Tamarind Tilapia: Tilapia fish with tangy tamarind, ready in a minute.

Peppery Prawn Pulao: Prawns and rice cooked together with a peppery punch.

Chettinad Charm Catfish: Catfish seasoned the Chettinad way, cooked in a flash.

Lemon Rice Fish Toss: Lemon-infused rice with tossed fish for a swift meal.

Mustard Melody Sardines: Sardines cooked with a mustardy South Indian flavor.

Curry Leaf Catch: Fish cooked with aromatic curry leaves for a quick fix.

Kerala Quick Kebabs: Kebabs with Kerala spices for an instant South Indian treat.

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