8 Rare Paintings Depicting Lord Krishna’s Hidden Gems one must know

Krishna and the Govardhan Hill: This masterpiece illustrates Krishna holding the colossal Govardhan Hill on his finger to shield the residents of Vrindavan from a deluge, showcasing his divine strength.

Krishna Playing the Flute for Radha: In this exquisite painting, Krishna plays his enchanting flute for Radha, symbolizing divine love and the connection between the soul and the Supreme.

Krishna with Sudama: This artwork captures the emotional reunion of Krishna and his childhood friend Sudama, highlighting Krishna’s humility and devotion.

Krishna and the Gopis’ Ras Leela: A mesmerizing portrayal of Krishna’s divine dance with the gopis under the moonlight, symbolizing spiritual ecstasy and unity with the divine.

Krishna Stealing Butter: Depicting a young and mischievous Krishna sneaking into the homes of the gopis to steal butter, showcasing his playful side.

Krishna and the Mahabharata War: This painting portrays Lord Krishna serving as Arjuna’s charioteer and delivering the Bhagavad Gita’s teachings on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

Krishna as the Divine Lover: An evocative painting showing Krishna as the ultimate lover, mesmerizing the gopis with his divine charm and charisma.

Krishna with Yashoda: A heartwarming depiction of Krishna with his foster mother Yashoda, capturing the bond of maternal love and Krishna’s innocence.