10 Rice Dishes around the World you must try

Paella, Spain: Saffron-infused rice, seafood, and meats blend in this iconic Valencian dish, rich in flavors.

Biryani, India: Fragrant basmati rice, spices, and marinated meats create a delectable, aromatic one-pot wonder.

Sushi, Japan: Vinegared rice, fresh fish, and seaweed unite in various forms for an exquisite Japanese delight.

Risotto, Italy: Creamy Arborio rice, cooked to perfection, absorbs flavors of broth, creating a comforting Northern Italian classic.

Jollof Rice, West Africa: A vibrant, spicy one-pot dish combining tomatoes, peppers, and various proteins for a flavorful experience.

Nasi Goreng, Indonesia: Stir-fried rice, infused with kecap manis, accompanied by fried eggs and crispy shallots, defines Indonesian comfort.

Arroz con Pollo, Latin America: Chicken and rice harmonize with Latin spices, creating a hearty, savory dish in various variations.

Fried Rice, China: Wok-tossed rice, mixed with vegetables, proteins, and soy sauce, exemplifies Chinese culinary simplicity and perfection.

Plov, Uzbekistan: Fragrant pilaf with rice, meat, and carrots, showcasing Central Asian flavors, symbolizing hospitality and celebration.

Dolma, Middle East: Grape leaves encase rice, pine nuts, and herbs, creating a flavorful, vegetarian delicacy in Middle Eastern cuisine

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