10 Risky Foods for Diabetes Patients: Handle with Caution

Sugary Sodas: High in added sugars, leading to blood sugar spikes.

White Bread: Rapidly raises blood sugar due to refined carbohydrates.

French Fries: Deep-fried and starchy, contributing to elevated blood glucose levels.

Candy and Sweets: High sugar content, directly impacting blood sugar levels.

Processed Meats: Often contain unhealthy fats and may have added sugars.

Fruit Juices: Even unsweetened versions can be high in natural sugars.

Pastries and Baked Goods: Loaded with refined flour and sugars.

Full-Fat Dairy: High in saturated fats, which can impact insulin sensitivity.

White Rice: Quickly digested, causing a rapid increase in blood sugar.

Alcohol: Can interfere with blood sugar regulation and cause hypoglycemia.

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