Sara Ali khan’s Favorite Christmas Escapes: Top 10 Holiday Getaways
By True Scoop

Swiss Wonderland - Zermatt: Embrace the enchanting beauty of the Swiss Alps and the iconic Matterhorn.

Festive Lights in Paris: Wander through the sparkling streets of Paris, adorned with dazzling Christmas lights.

Historical Charm - Rome: Experience the magic of Christmas amid Rome’s rich history and festive traditions.

Arctic Adventure - Lapland: Delight in a winter wonderland in Lapland, Finland, the official hometown of Santa Claus.

Cultural Extravaganza - Marrakech: Immerse in the vibrant colors and traditions of Morocco during the holiday season.

Tropical Retreat - Maldives: Celebrate Christmas in luxury, surrounded by turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.

Winter Magic - Banff National Park: Revel in the snowy landscapes and cozy atmosphere of the Canadian Rockies.

Traditional Elegance - Vienna: Enjoy the classical music, dazzling lights, and festive markets in Austria’s capital.

Sunset Serenity - Santorini: Experience a unique Christmas against the backdrop of Santorini’s stunning sunsets.

New York City Extravaganza: Dive into the holiday spirit with the iconic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and festive displays across the city.

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