8 Savory Pancake Recipes for Tea-Time Pleasure a must try

Besan Chilla: Spiced gram flour pancakes with onions and green chilies.

Dosa: Thin and crispy South Indian rice pancakes served with chutney and sambar.

Moong Dal Cheela: Protein-rich pancakes made from mung bean flour.

Rava Uttapam: Semolina-based thick pancakes with veggies and spices.

Adai: A thicker South Indian pancake made from mixed lentils and rice.

Savory Crepes: Thin crepes filled with various savory ingredients like spinach, cheese, and mushrooms.

Potato Pancakes: Grated potatoes mixed with spices and shallow-fried to crispy perfection.

Savory Rice Cakes: Rice cakes topped with a variety of savory ingredients like avocado and black beans.