Oct 03 , 2023

Seafood Sensations: 8 unique recipes you must try

By True Scoop

Goan Crab Xec Xec: A Goan delicacy where crab is cooked in a rich and spicy red masala made with roasted spices and grated coconut.

Bengali Bhapa Ilish: Hilsa fish marinated with mustard paste and steamed in banana leaves, creating a flavorful and aromatic dish.

Kerala Fish Moilee: A mild and creamy coconut milk-based curry with fish, flavored with turmeric, green chilies, and curry leaves.

Andhra Chepala Pulusu: A fiery Andhra fish curry made with tamarind, red chilies, and a unique blend of spices for an intense flavor.

Mangalorean Prawn Ghee Roast: Prawns cooked in a fiery and aromatic ghee roast masala, resulting in a spicy and lip-smacking dish.

Sri Lankan Jaffna Crab Curry: A spicy and tangy crab curry made with Jaffna-style roasted curry powder and coconut milk.

Koliwada Fried Fish: A popular Mumbai street food, where fish pieces are marinated in a spicy batter and deep-fried to crispy perfection.

Tamil Nadu Chettinadu Meen Kuzhambu: A Chettinad specialty featuring a spicy and tangy fish curry with a unique blend of South Indian spices.