Apr 27 , 2024

10 Signs That You Phone is Being Hacked

By True Scoop

Unrecognized Calls: Calls from unrecognized numbers could indicate you’ve been the victim of a data breach

Pop-ups: If you’re seeing a lot of pop-up ads, your phone could have an adware infection

High Data Usage: A malicious app running in the background can cause unusually high data usage

High Battery Drain: Unwanted apps on your phone can hijack your phone’s resources and drain your battery

Hot Phone: Malicious software might be causing it to overheat, even if your are not using phone much

Unexpected charges on your phone bill: Fleeceware apps stuff your bill with excess charge

Apps you don’t install but is still on phone: Strange apps that you didn't install shouldn’t end up on your phone

Changes to settings: Sign your phone is hacked is if you notice new and unfamiliar changes to the settings of your device

Websites look strange: Phone infected with malware can redirect you to unwanted, infected websites

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