8 South Movies Featuring Prabhas

Baahubali: The Beginning 2015: Epic fantasy, Prabhas as a hero, iconic battles, and a gripping storyline, setting new industry standards.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 2017: Epic saga's climax, Prabhas' double role, visual spectacle, and record-breaking box office success.

Saaho 2019: High-octane action thriller, Prabhas' suave role, international heist, and stylish action sequences, a visual treat.

Chatrapathi 2005: Action-packed drama, Prabhas as a fearless hero, emotional storyline, and memorable action sequences.

Darling 2010: Romantic drama, Prabhas in a charming role, love story with a twist, and soulful music.

Mirchi 2013: Action-packed family drama, Prabhas as a macho hero, family conflicts, and powerful dialogues.

Rebel 2012: Stylish action film, Prabhas as a rebellious protagonist, stylish action sequences, and catchy music.

Billa 2009: Stylish thriller, Prabhas as a suave anti-hero, sleek action, and a gripping cat-and-mouse game.