Speedy Rava Upma: 9 Delectable 5-Minute Variations to Savor

Classic Upma: Sauté onions, spices, and rava for timeless flavor.

Veggie Delight: Add colorful veggies like peas and carrots for nutrition.

Spicy Twist: Amp up the heat with green chilies and red pepper.

Nutty Crunch: Toss in roasted peanuts or cashews for texture.

Tangy Temptation: Drizzle lemon juice for zesty freshness.

Coconut Bliss: Sprinkle grated coconut for a tropical touch.

Tomato Tango: Stir in diced tomatoes for a tangy surprise.

Herb Infusion: Mix in fresh cilantro or curry leaves for aroma.

Protein Power: Add scrambled eggs or tofu for a protein boost.