Speedy South Indian Snacks: 8 Treats Prepared in Less Than 5 Minute

Coconut-Chili Toast: Top bread with coconut, chilies. Toast; enjoy spicy crunch.

Instant Curd Dosa: Mix curd, flour, spices. Spread thin; cook crispy dosa.

Aloo Bhel: Toss boiled potatoes, puffed rice, spices. Quick, satisfying snack mix.

Quick Coconut Ladoo: Mix coconut, condensed milk. Shape into ladoos; ready to relish.

Pineapple Rasam: Blend pineapple, rasam powder, tamarind. Boil; temper with spices.

Microwave Appalam: Microwave papadums for crispy, low-fat munching.

Instant Aval Upma: Sauté flattened rice, veggies, nuts. Cook; garnish with coriander.

Mango Pappu: Mash ripe mango, mix with cooked dal. Tempering optional; enjoy.