7 Steamed Breakfast Dishes You Can Try
By True Scoop

Fluffy steamed idlis topped with coconut chutney make a perfect South Indian breakfast delight.

Dim sum lovers rejoice with delicate steamed dumplings filled with savory meats or vegetables.

Spongy dhoklas, a popular Gujarati dish, are steamed and flavored with green chilies and mustard.

Chinese steamed buns, or baozi, offer a delightful fusion of fluffy dough and savory fillings.

Puto, a Filipino delicacy, are sweet steamed rice cakes often enjoyed with butter or cheese.

Korean steamed eggs, or gyeranjjim, create a silky custard-like texture with added scallions for flavor.

Jamaican steamed fish with okra and bammy brings a burst of Caribbean flavors to breakfast.

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