Stop receiving ads on your phone through this simple step


Ads Removal

Ads are always annoying that spoil your multi-disciplinary watching experience, besides consuming a hell lot of time and of course your data as well.

Ads Removal Steps

But, following just a simple step you can get rid of it. Go to your phone’s settings and open the network and additional connectivity.

Step 2

After going to the additional network setting you will find the Private DNS option there, all you have to do is type ‘DNS.ADGUARD.COM.’

Step 3

By just doing this all of the ads will be routed to the ad guard’s server which will restrict all the ads coming to your phone.

Step 4

However, this will not be removing the entire form of ads that we generally watch or come across on our phones.

Not for YouTube

For instance, all the ads available on the service like YouTube and other social media will not be restricted through this step although it will significantly improve from the current status.