Home-made substitutes for a pre-workout meal


Apple with almond butter: Fibre present in apples and fat in almond butter helps to satisfy hunger without eating something that can increase your weight

Bananas: Banana is a natural energy source. Having one in the morning, it acts as best pre-workout meal

Dry fruits: As they are high in carbohydrates, dry fruits are excellent to increase energy level in your body

Fruit Smoothies: They are a must-drink before intense workout sessions

Yoghurt with berries: This meal acts as a fuel for your workout. One bowl of yoghurt with berries can be a good breakfast for people who regularly exercise

Peanut butter: It is loaded with fibers, vitamins and minerals. One spoon of peanut butter with bread also comes under healthy breakfast.

Oats: A bowl of oats is the most common and healthiest meal anyone can have in morning because of nutrients that it contains.

Multi-grain bread: A single slice of this bread provides you with enough carbohydrates that are needed before workout