Jan 16 , 2024

'Super Costly' diamond-studded Ayodhya Ram Temple Replica

By True Scoop

Kunj Bihari, a national award-winning hand craftsman from Kashi has crafted a replica of Shri Ram Temple with gold, silver, and diamonds.

Kunj Bihari has expertise in Gulabi Meenakari.

Varanasi's Kunj Bihari claims that, for the first time, the replica of the Shri Ram Temple has been created using Gulabi Meenakari.

Diamond-studded Ayodhya Ram Temple Replica took 108 days to be made.

Kunj Bihari said earlier when attempts were made to build the Shri Ram Temple using Gulabi Meenakari, the temple could not take shape.

However, as soon as the work commenced with the invocation of Lord Shri Ram's name and listening to his devotional songs, the temple gradually took on its form.

Kunj Bihari further said that presently, Gulabi Meenakari has gained international recognition owing to the efforts of PM Modi.

PM Modi often gifts 'Gulabi Meenakari' replicas to foreign dignitaries.

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