Apr 27 , 2024

5 Surprising Facts About Agra You Didn’t Know

By True Scoop

Taj Mahal Changing Colors: Taj Mahal is widely recognised for its white colour, its colour can change throughout the day

At sunrise, it appears pinkish, while it glows a brilliant white under the midday sun

Mysterious Black Taj Mahal: Shah Jahan planned to build a black Taj for himself on the opposite bank of the Yamuna

However, this structure was never completed, and its existence remains a subject of speculation

Agra Fort: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history dating back to the Mughal era

Fatehpur Sikri a magnificent fortified city built by Emperor Akbar

Agra is renowned for its unique sweet delicacy known as "petha."

It's a popular treat among locals and visitors alike

Agra boasts a rich cultural heritage that encompasses music, dance, and traditional crafts

The city is known for its vibrant folk music and dance performances

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