Swift Sips: 10 Quick South Indian Coffee and Tea Varieties Under 5 Minutes

Instant Filter Coffee: Mix decoction, hot milk, and sugar, then froth for a classic South Indian coffee.

Masala Chai: Boil tea leaves, spices, milk, and sugar, then strain for a spiced chai delight.

Quick Ginger Tea: Brew tea leaves with grated ginger, milk, and sugar for a soothing ginger-infused tea.

Cardamom Coffee: Add ground cardamom to brewed coffee, mix with milk, and sweeten to taste.

Instant Lemon Tea: Steep tea leaves, lemon juice, and honey for a zesty and refreshing tea.

Turmeric Latte: Mix turmeric, milk, and honey, then heat for a healthy and comforting drink.

Speedy Mint Tea: Steep tea leaves with fresh mint leaves, add milk and sweetener for a refreshing twist.

Coconut Chai: Brew tea with coconut milk, spices, and sugar, then enjoy a coconut-flavored chai.

Quick Filter Kaapi: Mix instant coffee, hot milk, sugar, and froth for a speedy coffee fix.

Jaggery Tea: Dissolve jaggery in brewed tea, add milk, and enjoy a sweet and nourishing beverage.