Switch your iPhone to 5G by following these simple steps


iPhone update

Apple has announced unveiling its latest 5G updates for this iPhone users however, there is a catch that is essential and is not for all who use an iPhone.

iPhone 5G update

The latest update which will make iPhones 5G enabled will be done through a normal internal upgrade similar to the usual update that you have been receiving over the years.

Step 1

Apple will be releasing the latest update in the form of a beta software program which will be rolled out in the iOS16 beta update.

Step 2

Not all iPhone users will be able to enjoy the 5G service the updates will only be made available to iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series, including iPhone SE third generation.

Step 3

Users with the iPhone in these series will be required to have a valid Apple ID to access the beta software program and need to sign up following the steps as directed.

Step 4

All iPhone users will be required to make a basic update and the services provided by Jio and Airtel to access the revolutionary futuristic 5G services in the compatible zones.


A notification was released by the company back in October about rolling out the 5G upgrade and will be released later next week.

5G Feedback

With the latest update, the company is also likely to provide the option for users to share feedback on the latest beta program updates.