Taste the Nawabi Flavors: 7 Traditional Lucknowi Recipes You Must Try

Tunday Kebab: This melt-in-your-mouth kebab is made from minced lamb that is marinated in spices and then grilled to perfection.

Galouti Kebab: These soft and succulent kebabs are made from minced lamb that is cooked in a rich gravy.

Nargisi Kofta: These golden balls of minced lamb are stuffed with a boiled egg and then cooked in a creamy curry.

Biryani: This aromatic rice dish is cooked with meat, vegetables, and spices.

Haleem: This thick and hearty stew is made from lentils, wheat, meat, and spices.

Awadhi Pulao: This fragrant rice dish is cooked with saffron, nuts, and spices.

Sheermal: This soft and fluffy flatbread is made with milk and ghee.