Mar 23 , 2024

7 Things to do for an animal-friendly Holi

By True Scoop

Refrain from colouring animals, as the synthetic dyes used in traditional Holi colours can be toxic and lead to various health issues.

Avoid the use of water balloons & ensure that animals, especially street dogs, are not targeted during the festivities

Citizens should sensitize their communities and advocate for animal-friendly practices.

Avoid feeding sweets and high-calorie foods to animals which can cause digestive illnesses and even seizures.

Ensure that your pets or stray animals have an ample supply of water to drink during Holi as it helps flush out toxins.

If a pet does get colour on them, gently wash them with a mild pet shampoo and seek veterinary care if necessary.

Pet owners are cautioned against using kerosene or spirits to remove colours, as they can be harmful to animals

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