Jun 24 , 2024

7 Things to Carry in Your Purse on a Rainy Day

By True Scoop

Compact Umbrella: Keep a small, foldable umbrella handy to stay dry during unexpected showers.

Waterproof Bag or Pouch: Protect your electronics and important documents with a waterproof pouch or bag.

Travel-sized Hand Sanitizer: Maintain hygiene by carrying a travel-sized hand sanitizer to clean hands after touching wet surfaces.

Portable Power Bank: Ensure your devices stay charged with a portable power bank, useful in case of emergencies.

Lightweight Scarf or Shawl: Carry a lightweight scarf or shawl for added warmth and protection from the cold and rain.

Zip-lock Bags: Store wet items or protect your phone from water damage with zip-lock bags.

Tissues or Paper Towels: Have tissues or paper towels on hand for drying off wet surfaces or unexpected spills.

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