Mar 29 , 2024

10 Things to increase your life expectancy

By True Scoop

Go outdoors: Getting sunlight produces Vitamin D in our body which is essential for many vital functions. Deficiency of Vitamin D increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes & Osteoporosis.

Being social: Studies have shown that having a social circle & spending time with them increases life expectancy by keeping a person overall healthy.

Exercise daily: Doing physical activity regularly increases life expectancy by 6.9 years. Keeping your body fit keeps away many diseases.

Brush your teeth: Keeping your mouth clean prevents bacteria entering your system. Some bacteria can enter the bloodstream & infect heart muscles.

Become vegetarian: eating a vegetarian diet prevents obesity, age-related diseases, high blood pressure, heart diseases & even some types of cancer.

Staying stress free: exposure to long term stress can lead to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure & heart diseases. Practicing Yoga & Meditation can help.

Control your screen time: Binge watching not only leads to chronic back or neck pain but also to obesity, heart diseases, anxiety & depression.

Avoid Risks: Accidents, drug abuse & violence are some of the major reasons for death.

Having proper sleep: it goes without saying that having a good sleep keeps you fresh throughout the day. Maintaining your sleep schedule helps in increasing your lifespan.

Having a caring partner: Having somebody that you can rely upon, share your deep emotions & problems reduces stress thus keeping your life balanced.

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