7 things why Lakshadweep is better than Maldives
By True Scoop

Untouched Serenity: Lakshadweep boasts less tourist traffic, preserving its pristine beauty.

Cultural Richness: The unique blend of Indian and Maldivian cultures sets Lakshadweep apart.

Unexplored Diving Sites: Divers can enjoy less-explored coral reefs and marine life.

Authentic Local Experience: Lakshadweep offers a more authentic and less commercialized cultural experience.

Less Crowded Islands: The islands are generally less crowded, providing a more tranquil escape.

Accessibility: Lakshadweep is more accessible, making travel arrangements often more straightforward.

Affordability: Generally, Lakshadweep is considered more budget-friendly compared to the Maldives.

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