May 22 , 2024

8 Times Businessmen's Son Were Involved Fatal Car Accidents

By True Scoop

Pune Porsche Car Crash Case: Pune famous builder’s son rammed into multiple vehicles and killed two people

Salman Khan: Case involved his car killing one person and injuring four others sleeping on a Mumbai pavement

Sanjeev Nanda 1999: BMW hit-and-run case in Delhi involved son of famous armed dealer who killed six people

Alistair Pereira 2006: Mumbai businessman’s son ran over and killed 7 labourers while driving under influence of alcohol

Manu Sharma 1999: Son of a Congress politician, Sharma was involved in the Jessica Lal murder case

Nisham Mohammed 2015: A Kerala businessman was involved in a case where he deliberately ran over a security guard

Utsav Bhasin 2008: Son of a Haryana-based industrialist’s accident in Delhi killed one motorcyclist and injured another

Siddhartha Gupta 2015: The son of a prominent businessman was involved in a fatal car crash in Pune that killed one

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