May 21 , 2024

9 Times US Police Murdered Locals & Didn’t Get Convicted

By True Scoop

Tamir Rice (2014): 12-year-old Black boy, was shot by a Cleveland police officer while playing with a pellet gun. The grand jury declined to indict the officer

Michael Brown (2014): an unarmed Black teenager, was shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson. Court decided not to charge the accused.

Philando Castile (2016): Shot during a traffic stop by Officer Jeronimo Yanez in Minnesota

Breonna Taylor (2020): She was shot in her apartment by Louisville police executing a no-knock warrant. They were not charged

Freddie Gray (2015): Died from a spinal injury sustained in police custody. 6 officers were charged, but none convicted

Alton Sterling (2016): Was shot by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana while selling CDs. The officers involved were not charged

Walter Scott (2015): Shot in the back by Officer Michael Slager in South Carolina as Scott fled from a traffic stop

Aura Rosser (2014): Shot by police in Ann Arbor, Michigan, after her boyfriend called 911 for help during a domestic dispute

Elijah McClain (2019): He was placed in a chokehold and injected with ketamine, leading to his death

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