Tips for you to earn bumper income from YouTube
By True Scoop

Nowdays many people use YouTube for entertainment while some of them are earning from YouTube videos.

YouTube is video streaming platform and also earn by making videos, for this some certain condition must be fulfill.

From monetization from youtube there should be 1000 subscibers, 4000 hours of watch time in year on videos.

For YouTube shorts there should be 1 crore views in 90 days.

When your channel will be able to generate Ad revenue which means it will be albe to monetized.

Other then this for other feature like membership, super chat, super thanks, etc there should be atleast 500 subscibers.

with this you must have upload 3 content publicly in 90 days with 3000 watch hour

For collaboration with other brand for promotion of there product there must be 20k subscribers on your channel.

Other then this there should have 4000 hours of public watching for last 365 days.

If you have fulfiled all of these condition you can earn from YouTube but it will depend on your views and content.