Mar 29 , 2024

10 Tips for weight loss

By True Scoop

Eat all types of food: Eat pulses, legumes, nuts, fish, seeds, wholegrains, fruits & vegetables.

Keep a record: Keeping a record of what you eat, how many calories it has helps.

Do physical activity: It doesn’t necessarily have to be lifting weights; going for a walk daily is enough.

Avoid sweetened drinks: These drinks have hundreds of empty calories which increase weight.

Avoid overeating: You should eat in moderation, keep your stomach 20% empty.

Eat mindfully: Be in tune with your body, it tells you what you need to eat & what not.

Control your cravings: Sometimes your stomach is full but you still crave for something, it increases your weight.

Have alternatives: Having healthy alternatives for fast food cravings is a good habit.

Join a club: Joining a weight loss club or having friends around you who have the same goal motivates.

Be patient: Losing weight can take months even years, so one needs to be patient & continue with their schedule.

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