5 worst and deadliest wildfires in the history of the US


2020 California Wildfire Season

California experienced its worst fire season on record in 2020. A total of 10,431 fires occurred, causing more than 4 million acres to burn

2018, the Camp Fire Northern California

In 2018, the Camp Fire burnt Northern California and destroyed the entire town of Paradise in less than a day. The fire killed 85 people and scorched 153,336 acres - an area larger than city of Chicago

2017 Tubbs Fire Northern California

The Tubbs Fire, which broke out in Northern California in October 2017, burned more than 36,800 acres across Sonoma and Napa counties. It killed 22 people and leveled thousands of homes

2017 Montana Wildfire Season

In 2017, about 2,500 wildfires burned 1.3 million acres of Montana land. Though the year was predicted to bring a

2008 California Wildfire Season

California experienced one of the most devastating wildfire seasons of the decade in 2008, when 6,255 fires burned 1.5 million acres of land throughout Northern California, Los Angeles and more