Top 5 most expensive cats in the whole world


Ashera Cat

Ashera Cat- One of the rarest domestic cats in the world is the Ashera. It was initially bred from Asian Leopards, just like Bengal cats. It can cost you approx. $125,000.

Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat- It is an Ashera without any Asian leopard cat ancestry. Savannah is very playful, affectionate, and great with kids. This cat costs around $50,000.

Khao Manee

Khao Manee- This cat originated in Thailand centuries ago, has distinctive eyes, which are sometimes two different colors. It usually costs around $11,000.

Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat- It is a cross between Bengal Snow Leopard and a domestic cat. They are highly active and cost up to $10,000.

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat- It is a hairless smooth cat breed in the world. The cat suffers from separation anxiety and craves attention. The Sphynx cat costs around $6,000.