Top 6 splendid visa-free holidaying destinations for Indians

Visa-Free Vacation

Travelling is enjoyable, but for some of us, overseas travel can be somewhat intimidating, especially when complicated visa procedures are involved.

No Visa Crunch

The cost involved in tedious visa-receiving procedures makes up a crucial part and takes enough time in planning for a foreign vacation trip.

Countries offering free visa

But, how about traveling to countries for the vacation that produces a visa handy right on your arrival and lets you focus on the trip? Presenting 6 best travel countries that grant hassle-free visas.


One of the most beautiful nations that allow Indians to enter without a visa is Mauritius. Get a taste of the street food or explore the beaches, reefs, and lagoons.


Thailand, the magnificent home of white elephants, ought to be high on your list of places to visit since it is one of the nations that Indian citizens can visit with an on-arrival visa.


Indonesia is a place soaked in rich history and traditions and one of the best nations with visas on arrival for Indians. Well-known Tanah Lot temple, the cooling rice terraces, and flowing waterfalls.


Maldives is among the most desired destinations for holidaying that provide visa on arrival for Indian nationals and guarantees the pleasure of rich natural beauty.


Along with its beautiful landscapes and varied cuisine, Madagascar Island is a dream holiday destination. This African nation provides visa-free for 30 days making it best for those planning for an abroad trip.


The "Vegas of China," Macau is the epicenter of gambling and vibrant nightlife. It is among the top destinations for travelers who need a visa on arrival.