Top 7 greatest rivalries in International Football


International Football

The greatest footballing rivalries are at the club’s level, however, when it comes to the country the spark intensifies to a wholesome new level that has come along an iconic past in the elite history of the game.

International Rivalries

The following seven are examples of some of the bitterest, most historic, and keenly fought matches in international football not just for their fans but rather the whole world rejoices.

Argentina vs Brazil

The most iconic above all has to be among the two South American power blocs that share 7 WC titles among each other Argentina and Brazil are not just restricted abroad but is deeply rooted in India as well.

Denmark vs Sweden

This all-Scandanavian matchup involving Sweden and Denmark is one of the oldest derbies in international football, the first edition came in 1913 although a few but the controversy and violence has been top-notch.

Italy vs France

The two European powerhouses Italy and France have made some great battles in their elite history of the game giving their fans a taste of some international trophies by vying in high-voltage games up front.

Mexico vs USA

The US-Mexican battle holds a great stage in the sporting history of either side, the first half though held by Mexico, the revival in US football saw a big turnaround losing just 5 games against rivals since 2000.

Japan vs South Korea

The sporting rivalry between these two countries was so fierce that Korean President Rhee Syngman would not allow a World Cup qualifier between the two countries to take place in Seoul.

Germany vs The Netherlands

Arguably the most volatile rivalry in international football between The Netherlands and Germany, the hatred stems from something far bigger than football, the roots of which can be traced back to WWII.

Croatia vs Serbia

After the split of Yugoslavia, national divides have extended between Serbia and Croatia to a whole new level, the two sides have only faced each other twice but both ended up on a spicy note.