Top 9 street foods that every Indian loves to eat


Cholle Bhature: The luscious chickpeas prepared in a bundle of spices is eaten with the fried bread. As a bite goes in you are in a paradise of flavours. Not even a single person is there who does not love it

Momos: If you are in Delhi, you won't find a single street that doesn't have a momo stall. Adding the twists of masalas and stuffings, a massive variety of momos are sold in almost every state.

Gol Gappe: Also known as Pani Puri, this tangy, minty street food dish is the best solution for all your mood swings. They are forever favorite street food of Indian women

Pav Bhaji: Mouthwatering, hot, spicy, and full of flavours bhaji is served with butter oozing pavs. With a pinch of lemon and onions beside makes it completely dreamy. It is the best street food one can ever have

Bhel Puri: Bhelpuri has become one of the staple street food items to have whenever in a marketplace. You'll find hundreds of Bhelpuri walas in a day selling this light snack. Also, it is a paradise for the ones on a diet.

Samosa: It is the most popular street food of India. It is a pastry made with maida stuffed with potatoes with other spices

Lassi: This refreshing, creamy drink is a mix of yogurt, water, spices, and/or fruits. It can be salty or sweet but you can also find different versions around India