Jun 14 , 2024

Top 7 Biggest K-pop Fandoms in the World

By True Scoop

BTS ARMY: Global fanbase known for its loyalty and immense support for BTS's music and activities.

BLACKPINK BLINKS: Passionate fans of BLACKPINK, contributing to their massive success and international recognition.

EXO EXO-Ls: Dedicated supporters of EXO, actively promoting and streaming their music worldwide.

TWICE ONCE: TWICE's fandom, known for their enthusiasm and unwavering support for the group's releases and concerts.

Seventeen CARATs: Seventeen's loyal fans, celebrated for their organized efforts and strong presence on social media.

Stray Kids STAY: Stray Kids' devoted followers, recognized for their active engagement and promotion of the group's work.

GOT7 iGOT7 (Ahgase): GOT7's committed fandom, supporting the group through thick and thin, both online and offline.

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