Top 10 Budget Hotels for Christmas in Varanasi
By True Scoop

Ganga Glitter Inn: Embrace the riverside spirit at Assi Ghat with budget-friendly charm.

Divine Domes Hotel: Immerse yourself in tradition and sacred Ganges views from your Dasaswamedh Ghat haven.

Nirvana Nook Guesthouse: Discover quaint charm and cultural treasures near Shivala Ghat, all on a budget.

Harmony Haven Lodge: Find inner peace in this budget retreat, nestled in the heart of Varanasi.

Serene Steps Lodge: Experience budget-friendly comfort just steps away from the vibrant ghats of Meer Ghat.

Riverside Retreat Hotel: Budget beauty awaits with stunning Rajendra Prasad Ghat views.

Sunrise Shores Inn: Wake up to golden hues and budget-friendly bliss at Tulsi Ghat.

Tranquil Tributary Guesthouse: Find budget tranquility near the Ganges in the charming Bengali Tola.

Mystic Moon B&B: Affordable access to Varanasi's vibrant pulse awaits at Mystic Moon B&B.

Varanasi Vista Lodge: Capture budget-friendly vistas for a memorable Christmas stay in Bhelupur.

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