Top 7 Countries That Give Paid Menstrual Leave To Women
By True Scoop

Spain is the first nation in Europe to offer its female citizens paid menstruation leaves.

Japan's Article 68 enables women to take paid menstrual leave from work.

In Indonesia, female employees who are having menstrual pain are not obliged to work during the first two days of their menstrual cycle.

South Korea directs firms that if a woman seeks menstrual leave then she is eligible to get 1 day leave.

The Menstrual Leave Law of Zambia, known as ‘Mother’s Day’, enables women to take one day off work per month.

Taiwan’s gender equality in employment says that females have the right to request a day off during periods and they will be paid half of their wage.

Female workers in Vietnam are entitled to a three-day menstrual leave per month, along with a 30-minute break every day during menstruation.

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