Mar 08 , 2024

Top 7 countries with the most Miss World title winners

By True Scoop

India holds a record number of Miss World titles, with six crowns. Models like Aishwarya Rai, Reita Faria Powell etc have won the title

Venezuela is tying with India for six Miss World titles. Venezuela has produced Winners like Ivian Sarcos and Jacqueline Aguilera.

Next in line is the United Kingdom which has five wins to its credit. Winners such as Ann Sidney and Helen Morgan have left a lasting impact on the pageant world.

Jamaica has won the Miss World title four times till now.

The United States has seen three of its delegates clinch the Miss World crown. Icons like Marjorie Wallace and Alexandria Mills have made their mark.

South Africa has also secured three Miss World crowns with winners like Rolene Strauss and Anneline Kriel having made a lasting impact.

Iceland has also won the Miss World title three times in the history of the pageant show.

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