Want a job in Apple? Here are the mantras shared by Tim Cook that will get you hired


Almost every person in this world who is looking for a job would not mind getting an offer from Apple.

Everyone wonders about what are the most important things that will immediately make the officials want to hire you. The top official, Tim Cook has shared some mantras about the same.

Collaborative Attitude: According to Apple’s CEO, working harmoniously with the team and other employees is a key quality.

Innovation: The Apple CEO mentions the company looks for individuals who can approach an issue without getting bogged down.

Curious Mind: Tim states one quality that makes a candidate unique is curiosity. The best thing would be to ask lots of questions, irrespective of whether they’re good questions or foolish ones.

Domain Knowledge: He says someone who is knowledgeable about the work and has the necessary skill set has a chance to work with Apple.