Top 8 Free Online Courses Offered By Harvard University in 2024
By True Scoop

Super-Earths and Life is among the top free courses offered by Harvard in 2024. It is a course about alien life, how we search for it.

The 11-week course 'Introduction to Computer Science' helps students understand intellectual enterprises and the art of programming.

Systematic approaches to policy design from Harvard Kennedy School introduce approaches to analytical decision-making for policy design.

Harvard also offers Big data solutions for social and economic disparities in which you will understand how big data can be used to measure mobility.

In the social media age, Harvard offers a Managing Happiness course that teaches diverse definitions of happiness and understand its function in everyday life.

Introduction to Digital Humanities is another free Harvard online course that develops skills in digital research and visualisation techniques.

With increasing opportunities in gaming sector, Harvard's Introduction to Game Development will help you learn about the development of 2D and 3D interactive games.

With rapid changing geopolitics, Harvard's Leadership: Creating Public Value will help you learn how to face and meet today’s challenges and design a public value.

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