Jul 04 , 2024

Top 8 Keanu Reeves starrer movies available on Netflix to watch

By True Scoop

Termed as Hollywood classic, The Matrix featuring Keanu Reeves is available for streaming on Netflix.

Available on Netflix, 47 Ronin is an action adventure that follows the exploits of 47 samurai warriors who plot to take revenge.

The Matrix Revolutions revolves around an unconscious Neo trapped in a subway station in a zone between the Matrix and the machine world.

Likely to be removed in October 2024, Keanu Reeves plays Demon Hunter in Constantine.

The Devil's Advocate is a supernatural horror film slated to removed on Netflix in 2024.

Matrix Resurrections featuring Reeves revolves around video game creator Thomas Anderson and can be watched on Netflix.

In some part of the world, Destination Wedding starring Keanu Reeves is available on Netflix but not in India.

Starring Reeves, Ana de Armas & more, Knock Knock is available on Netflix but not in India.

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