Top 10 Kids Changing the World: Starting Your Project
By True Scoop

Gitanjali Rao: Developed innovative solutions for detecting lead in water.

Xiye Bastida: Climate activist and co-founder of the Re-Earth Initiative.

Haaziq Kazi: Invented the ERVIS system to clean up ocean pollution.

Autumn Peltier: Advocate for clean water and Indigenous rights.

Felix Finkbeiner: Founded Plant-for-the-Planet, a global tree-planting initiative.

Melati and Isabel Wijsen: Started Bye Bye Plastic Bags to eliminate single-use plastic.

Jack Andraka: Developed a groundbreaking pancreatic cancer detection test.

Marley Dias: Founded #1000BlackGirlBooks to promote diverse literature.

Ryan Hreljac: Founded the Ryan’s Well Foundation to provide clean water.

Ibrahim AlHusseini: Launched FullCycle to invest in sustainability solutions.

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