Jun 06 , 2024

Top 6 Leaders who won with highest margin in Lok Sabha Elections 2024

By True Scoop

BJP's Shankar Lalwani won the Indore Lok Sabha seat by a margin of more than 11 lakh votes (11,75,092).

Rakibul Hussain of the Congress has made a record by winning with a margin of 10.12 lakhs in Assam's Dhubri.

BJP's Shivraj Singh Chouhan won from Vidisha in MP by a whopping 8,21,408 votes.

BJP's CR Patil won by 773556 Votes in Navsari, Gujarat.

Home Minister Amit Shah won in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) by 7,44,716 votes.

TMC's Abhishek Banerjee won from Diamond Harbour constituency (WB) by 7,10,930 votes.

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