Jun 17 , 2024

Top 9 Most Valuable Global Brands 2024

By True Scoop

Apple - First trillion-dollar brand, known for innovation and premium pricing, maintaining global tech leadership​.

Google - Leveraging search, AI, and cloud services to sustain growth and significant market influence worldwide​.

Microsoft - Dominates software and cloud computing markets, expanding through AI and enterprise solutions​.

Amazon - E-commerce giant thriving on logistics, cloud computing, and innovative consumer services​.

McDonald's - Fast food leader, innovating with AI to enhance customer experience and drive growth​​.

NVIDIA - Leading AI and GPU technology, experiencing rapid growth in market value​.

Visa - Prominent payment technology company, expanding through secure, innovative, and convenient solutions​​.

Facebook (Meta) - Social media powerhouse re-entering the top 10, benefiting from strategic digital investments​.

Oracle - First-time top 10 entrant, strong in cloud and enterprise software solutions​​.

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