Mar 27 , 2024

Top 10 mythical creatures in the world

By True Scoop

Dragon: Several cultures including those in America, India & China have myths regarding this creature.

Vampires: There are actually no set parameters for what a vampire can & can’t do, but all of them suck blood.

Werewolf: The werewolf myth is so prevalent across multiple cultures that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where it originated.

Zombies: These creatures have been terrorizing Haitian culture for far longer than a few decades of zombie films.

Sirens: The seductresses with beautiful & enchanted singing voices who draw sailors to their deaths.

Jersey Devil: This creature is grotesque in appearance & has horned protrusions in addition to a tail & leathery wings.

Kraken: It was said that the creature was so massive, it could eat maritime crews whole & sink ships in an instant.

Medusa: She is one of the most powerful mythological figures who had the power to petrify a person with a single glance.

Loch Ness Monster: This monster is believed to be some kind of plesiosaur that lives in the Scottish Loch Ness Lake.

Yeti: A bipedal, humanoid creature that leaves behind massive tracks. A Nepalese village claimed to have a Yeti scalp.

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