Top 8 Nail Extension ideas for wedding


Glittery Nail Art: For brides who want glammed-up nails on their wedding can choose to go for glittery colors or nails embellished with sequence

Love-centric Nails: If you want your loved one to feel special, putting a picture of your groom on one of your nails with gold glitter on others is a must try

Embellished Nails: A bride who want to go all fancy on her wedding must choose to put some embellishments on her nails

Red Colored Nails: Red color is all about love. So, never hesitate from wearing red painted nails on your wedding day

Silver Tipped: If you are the one who wants to go simple yet stylish on your wedding day. Then getting silver glitter applied on your nail tips while keeping bottom plain is the best option

Transparent yet stylish: Some girls love to keep the nails transparent by just applying glitter on the tip to get a wedding feel

Golden Foiled Nails: One of the most creative ones which are quite common for today’s woman is getting silver or golden foils on nails applied over nail paint

Pastel is the best: Pastel-shaded nails with white tip are the most common but highly liked nails for any occasion