Top OTT shows to watch this weekend


Breathe in the shadows: An Indian television series featuring the genres of crime drama and thriller. IMDb rating: 7.6 Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

The crown season 5: Revelation of scandalous events of the year 1990 and a high-voltage drama surrounding the members of the Royal British Family. IMDb rating: 8.7 Where to watch: Netflix

Warrior Nun: American Series which will feature main themes of fantasy, Supernatural, drama, action, and occult detective. IMDb rating: 6.9 Where to watch: Netflix

Falling for Christmas: Christmas comedy revolves around a young and beautiful heiress who was recently engaged and unfortunately ended up in an accident Where to watch: Netflix

Monica o my darling: The story focuses on a murder leading to chaos and mayhem in the main characters’ lives. The movie features blackmailing, bitter betrayal, blood, murders, etc Where to watch: Netflix

Rorschach: Story of an NRI whose wife disappears suddenly after an accident. Will he be able to find her or not is the question? IMDb rating: 7.9 Where to watch: Disney Plus Hotstar

Tanaav: Story which is set in Kashmir. It is about the courage and valor of a particular secret OPs Unit. Where to watch: Sony Liv