Jun 22 , 2024

Top 10 Places Where it Rains the Whole Year

By True Scoop

Mawsynram, India: Holds record for highest annual rainfall, experiencing frequent rain throughout the year.

Cherrapunji, India: Known for heavy rainfall, lush landscapes, and subtropical climate with year-round precipitation.

Tutunendo, Colombia: Tropical rainforest climate with nearly constant rainfall, contributing to its lush greenery.

Cropp River, New Zealand: Receives significant rainfall annually, known for its wet climate and beautiful scenery.

Debundscha, Cameroon: Located near Mount Cameroon, experiences heavy rain almost all year.

Hilo, Hawaii, USA: Consistently wet, this city on the Big Island sees frequent rain showers year-round.

Quibdó, Colombia: Known for its persistent rainfall and humid tropical climate.

San Antonio de Ureca, Equatorial Guinea: Tropical location with constant heavy rainfall.

Taitung, Taiwan: Receives substantial rainfall throughout the year, contributing to its lush environment.

Yakushima, Japan: Known for its temperate rainforest climate, experiencing frequent and abundant rain.

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