Oct 03 , 2023

Top 9 Rajinikanth Blockbusters That Made Cinema History

By True Scoop

Lingaa (2014) - Dual roles weave tales of a dam’s legacy.

Annamalai (1992) - Childhood friends turn enemies over business betrayals and conflicts.

Basha (1995) - A kind-hearted auto driver reveals his mob boss past.

Kabali (2016) - An aging gangster’s quest to find his lost family.

Kaala (2018) - Mumbai’s Dharavi slum king fights for his people’s rights.

Enthiran (2010) - A scientist creates an android that falls for his girlfriend.

Sivaji (2007) - A software engineer fights corruption to provide free medical treatment.

Muthu (1995) - A loyal servant’s surprising heritage shakes a village’s dynamics.

Discover the cinematic history created by these top 9 Rajinikanth blockbusters.