Apr 02 , 2024

Top 10 tips to succeed in any job interview

By True Scoop

Before you sit for interview research about the company, checkout their websites, social media pages & know their missions & goals.

Practice all the typical interview questions like - “why do you want this job?” & “why should we hire you?” etc.

Dressing well creates a long lasting impression. Your dressing sense reflects your mental state.

Reach before time; it shows that you are punctual and that you respect your own as well as others’ time.

Practice body language every day. Your body can tell a lot about you. Non-verbal communication is important.

Know your achievements & tell them. Results & output is everything to companies.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Have genuine curiosity & interest & ask about its work culture etc.

Be confident and show enthusiasm. When you know everything that is to be known, you become confident.

Send a Thank-you email within 24 hours reminding about your interest in the company.

Practice mock interviews with your family or friends. The more you practice the better you get.

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