Apr 03 , 2024

Top universities in the UK for masters

By True Scoop

University of Oxford: The University of Oxford holds the top spot not just in the United Kingdom but globally as well.

University of Cambridge: This university has turned forth notable mathematicians such as Alan Turing and Charles Babbage.

Imperial College London: It is popular with students wanting to study STEM and Business-related subjects

Universities College London: It has been the first to admit women on equal terms as men

The University of Edinburgh: Some notable alumni include Charles Darwin and Robert Brown, among many others

The University of Manchester: It is a public research university in Manchester, England

King's College London: It was established by royal charter in 1829 under the patronage of King George IV

The London School of Economics and Political Science: School's academic profile spans a broad range of social sciences

The University of Warwick: A world-leading university with the highest academic and research standards

The University of Bristol: The content of our courses and programmes is built around this innovative research

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