Sep 02 , 2023

Top U.S. Colleges for Sports Management Degrees

By True Scoop

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Known for its Sports Administration program and industry connections.

Syracuse University - Home to the renowned Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics.

University of Michigan - Offers a Sports Management Program with a strong emphasis on research and innovation.

University of Texas at Austin - Known for its Sports Management Program and connections in the sports industry.

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Offers a well-rounded sports management curriculum and extensive networking opportunities.

Indiana University - Home to the Kelley School of Business, offering a top-ranked sports management program.

University of Oregon - Renowned for its Sports Product Management program and connections with Nike and Adidas.

Ohio University - Offers a comprehensive sports administration program with a focus on practical experience.

University of Florida - Known for its strong sports management program and proximity to various professional sports teams.

Top U.S. colleges for sports management degrees offer rigorous academic programs, strong internship opportunities, and connections to the sports industry.